Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Fungly!

Happy new year! We Surfed 1-2' pipes today. I rode a paipo that took me 15 mins to shape. Ill post photos later. Its 48x20x1/2. The nose is a rounded squarish deal. The rails are square. I shaved the nose bottom to give kick. I layed a churchill fin bown on the tail and flipped it over to draw a weird fish like tail. The plywood was a painting experimentation gone wrong. I tried to laminate 2 pieces together but it didn't work. I pulled them apart so the paint and glue is jacked up. And chunks were taken out but, i left them in. I just smoothed everything out to keep from getting splinters and spar varnished it. The board is the fastest most positive board I ever made. It doesn't slide out at all unless you try. It's a barrel Hunter! Sometimes mess ups are the best! :)