Sunday, February 13, 2011

Paipo for J.M.

Paipo no ka oi is 19 nosex21tailx42long and 1/2"birch ply.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

Klaus Jones

4'9x24x? This is the real deal displacement hull by Klaus Jones. I ride this board in everything. It performs excellent in all waves and doesn't show the limitations that standup(SU) or kneeride(KB) versions do. The problems shown with the KB and SU versions actually are pluses in the this prone machince. Its very tippy but, that makes it easy to get up on rail, its super duper hull fast down the line and loves the barrel.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Fungly!

Happy new year! We Surfed 1-2' pipes today. I rode a paipo that took me 15 mins to shape. Ill post photos later. Its 48x20x1/2. The nose is a rounded squarish deal. The rails are square. I shaved the nose bottom to give kick. I layed a churchill fin bown on the tail and flipped it over to draw a weird fish like tail. The plywood was a painting experimentation gone wrong. I tried to laminate 2 pieces together but it didn't work. I pulled them apart so the paint and glue is jacked up. And chunks were taken out but, i left them in. I just smoothed everything out to keep from getting splinters and spar varnished it. The board is the fastest most positive board I ever made. It doesn't slide out at all unless you try. It's a barrel Hunter! Sometimes mess ups are the best! :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

For Gregory

Jeff McCallum Paipo Hauler

When it comes to paipo's of the foam variety, there are 3 guys I have found that can put together a screaming fun machine. I have ridden kneeboards for 45 years and when I started paipo riding full time (7 years ago) I wanted a paipo to take me where my kneeboard would. It was a long journey with a lot of shapers (over 35 boards in 7 years). They all claimed they could make me what I asked for but, it was only these 3 that could translate my ideas into foam. I found that others could only shape within their small thinking parameters, not to say their aren't others, i just aint found 'em yet. They knew how to make a rail, a bottom, a rocker etc, "that would work." What I found is, that you need to find a guy who's building boards with features that you want.

I stumbled across displacement hulls as I was scouring through everything I could find that would help me "lay a board over on edge, at will" just like I could on my kneeboards. I could get a lot more leverage on my knees and I needed some kind of design that would make it really easy to "lay it up on edge" (for quick turning) to ride up and down a face of the wave with the aggressive fluidity I could on a kneeboard.

Hence, I went first to Jeff McCallum. He's a local shaper here in San Diego who will shape me anything. This board is 4' long (my fifth of his). I challenge you to find a guy that will shape you a board 4' long let alone 1" thick down the center like this board is (its a semi-spoon deck). These hull bottoms are his versions of the Simmons hulls bottoms, only a lot more intricate. These boards are "small." No one wants to shape a board this small let alone with all the little nuances that are in a board like this. 4' long, displacement hull, stinger, semi-spoon, flexi-quad fin (fins shortened) rocket! You can find Jeff at